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PERSONALISE  images to stand out on your wall

It is easy to capture images now days with mobile devices beings so easy to take everywhere we go. Making the images remain and physically earn a place in our homes requires a little tweaking to give it that special touch that will seperate it from all the images we take daily. LEKKA provides a custom design service where we can take your image and style it in one of our signature styles

Dutch ship poster


A2 Wood printt Chf 300.00

Personal discovery poster


Estimate cost Chf 360.00

Your tram poster


A2 wood print Chf 170.00

Before image treatment
After image treatment

The after effect

giving a simple image a special treatment to make it stand out

3 x A2 wood print Chf 450.00

printed directly onto wood with an under coat to bring out the deep colour range

wood print before
wood print after
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