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Zurich Tram 3 set

TRIPTYCH Zurich by tram printed on alu dibond

Zurich tram 3 set - image 2
Zurich tram 3 set - image 1
Zurich tram 3 set - image 3

This three set printed onto Aluminium Dibond captures Zurich as you see it through the tram. The 3 icons of Zurich stand tall above the meandering tram carrying its passengers from A to B. This Triptych is customisable. Send us an email if you would like your tram number printed on it.

  • Dimensions : 3 x 42 cm x 59.4cm x 0.3 cm

  • Material : Alu DIBOND

  • Custom PRINTS ON DEMAND available

chf 420.00

Personalise your triptych

Personalise your triptych

Personalise the tram number or building

personalise with tram number or building

Contact us for more information on personalising your 3 set

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